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Another Ignorant BLM Flag Grabber

Muhiyidin Moye, an apparently criminal leader of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Charleston, is charged with disorderly conduct stemming from Wednesday’s incident. A judge set a bond of $2,382 for Moye, 31. Moye’s less than stellar action was caught live as he ran across the street, jumped police tape and tried to take away …

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Confederate relics buried in time capsule for 121 years in Louisville

Confederate relics buried in a time capsule for 121 years were unearthed this week, but the box was waterlogged and covered in mud, destroying many of the items contained inside. The time capsule was found on Monday, 2 days after work began when Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer ordered the 70-foot Confederate monument removed. Among the …

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Ole Miss student harassed for state flag

Dylan Wood, an Ole Miss student, was simply enjoying the game when a security officer approached him and said he had to confiscate his mini version of the Mississippi flag because it was larger than what the stadium allows. Wood agreed to leave the game and exited the stadium without any issues. Once outside, a …

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Sons of Confederate Veterans Statement

Once more the forces of evil..”the lovers of all things immoral and hateful” are viciously attacking Southron history because of perceived racism. As usual, they don’t have a clue, and in their rush to support hateful minority groups such as LaRaza, Mecha, and the Black Lives Splatter thugs, they get it wrong, again. The following …

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Rock Stone Mountain Protesters arrested

At least 9 Black Lives Splatter protesters were arrested after becoming violent and attacking riot police, pepper spraying officers, over turning tables, throwing trash, and generally acting like the pitiful animals they are. Park officials have closed roads leading to and from the Yellow Daisy Lot near the park police station with the intention of …

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Steve Earle Writes Anti-Confederate Song

Steve (the douchebag) Earle can burn in hell…he is a pimple on the ass of society, just like the worthless SPLC he is collaborating with. Just another POS jumping on the PC bandwagon.

Happy Easter

Alabama considers banning the removal of Confederate flags and to prevent the alteration of historical building names

Alabama lawmakers are moving in the opposite direction of most state and local governments with a bill that will protect historical landmarks. A public hearing will be held today, 02/09/2019, on the Alabama Heritage Protection Act which would ban the removal of historic monuments, markers, or school names from any public property unless a waiver …

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Greenville City Council has voted to remove the Mississippi state flag from all city properties and buildings

Council members voted 4-2 Tuesday in favor of removing the flag because of it’s racist connotations, due to the inclusion of the battle flag in the upper left quadrant. Under Mississippi law, flying the state flag is not a requirement. This issue was brought to the council, by “Reverend” Roosevelt Johnson, who said it wasn’t …

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Battle is looming for the Sons of the Confederate Veterans

The Sons of Confederate Veterans sent out an action alert to members Tuesday night regarding Georgia House Bill 760, which would require the Georgia state agency that oversees Stone Mountain to maintain an appropriate, inclusive and historically accurate memorial to the Civil War. Unfortunately, it also appears to remove any restrictions on government agencies from …

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