Battle Flag to Fly at Texas Veterans Day Parade


Wednesday, November 11th, despite attempts by Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt to ban the Southern Heritage flag from the Veterans Day Parade around the Capitol in Austin, it will fly proudly.

Austin Mayor Steve ‘Addled” Adler agreed with the idiotic Eckhardt, calling the flag a “political symbol of hatred and racism.” Apparently they cater to the liberal left, and fall in political lockstep with their masters.

Travis County Veterans Service Officer Olie Pope resigned from the Parade Committee after removal of the battle flag from the parade was shot down. Oh the hatred of these people….

NAACP Austin president Nelson “Loser” Linder had to step up and say the flag is a symbol of racism and terrorism. Could anything less be expected from such a racist organization as the NAACP? We don’t think so.

Travis County, Eckhardt, and Adler will continue to pursue a means of banning the Battle Flag from any future events.

We hope that everyone in the Austin area who attends this parade will bring their Confederate flags, both national and battle, and wave them proudly.