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Virginia high school suspends 20 students over Confederate Battle Flag

Christianburg high school

Approximately 20 students who showed up at Christianburg high school wearing and carrying Confederate flags on Thursday were suspended by the Montgomery County Public School system. Spokeswoman Brenda Drake says 23 students at Christianburg High School were given the option to change out of their shirts and comply with the dress code but when the …

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Controversy at Sonora High School

Gavin Watkins, a 16yr old Sonora High School Junior, was asked by Principal Ben Howell to remove a Confederate Battle flag from a pole in the back of the truck which he parks on North Washington Street in Sonora. Gavin said Howell asked him on Tuesday to remove the flag to protect the truck “because …

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Attention seeking “woman” takes it off in protest

After hearing about a Confederate flag heritage ride in Lafayette Indiana, a local woman, and we use that term loosely, stood at the intersection of South Street and Sagamore Parkway Sunday, wearing only a bra and panties. Real classy, another winner from the hater crowd. Holding a sign that read “4000 Dead”, she said waving …

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Argument over Confederate flag leads to Rock Hill assault

A woman has been charged with assaulting two men during an argument over one of them wanting to fly a Confederate flag in his back yard An apparently drunken Makayla Haney, 25, was holding her 2-year-old while telling stories to police about being attacked…however, she changed her story and admitted to assaulting the men. It …

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Alexandria City Council votes to ban flying of Confederate flag

The city of Alexandria has put up Confederate flags twice a year on city property to mark Robert E. Lee’s birthday and Confederate Memorial Day in the past. No more will they fly. On Tuesday night, the City Council voted to ban the flying of Confederate flags on city property specifically on those two days. …

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Anarchists assaulted Air Force pilot after spotting Confederate flags

Police are looking for a group of protesters, who were wearing black with bandana covered faces, and that surrounded a U.S. Air Force pilot Saturday night in Olympia, Washington, beating him with a bat as well as spraying him with mace after seeing Confederate battle flags attached to his motorcycle. Police identified the protest group …

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Arkansas School bans flags on vehicles

While citing safety concerns, Quitman High School has banned the display of flags on vehicles. The student handbook policy states that “No flags should be attached to a vehicle that will be distracting or have the potential to cause harm to people or cars driving past the vehicle.” This policy will continue to be enforced …

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Home Invasion Over Confederate Flag Racine, WI

Tajaun D. Boatner typical nigger scum

RACINE — A Confederate flag hanging in a Racine resident’s house reportedly led to a fight that ended with a man forcing his way into the home to tear it down. The Racine Police Department responded to the 1300 block of Center Street on Friday afternoon. The caller said Tajaun Boatner, 37, of Racine, had …

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Mississippi Burning (Flag)

Hate Crime

It appears more than a squirrel has gone berserk in the sleepy little town of Pascagoula lately. Bob Coman found his Mississippi state flag burned and laying in his driveway along with the words “Blacks Rule”. Neighbors, friends, and people who didn’t even know Bob have come forward to help, donating a new flag, scrubbing …

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Confederate flag makes Bessemer, Alabama family a target


Alek Seundryk says a drive-by shooting just after midnight Sunday left his house riddled with bullet holes, putting his family in danger. Two bullets went the siding of the house and struck furniture inside. His wife and two children were also at home at the time, but were not hurt. A neighbor, Kayla Buckner, says …

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