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Confederate Flag Supporters At Theme Park

Stone Mountain Rally

Confederate battle flag supporters began gathering early Saturday morning at Stone Mountain Park, east of the Georgia capitol, with battle flags flying proudly. The rally comes a few days after Gov. Nathan Deal told Atlanta lawmakers he opposes any makeover to Stone Mountain’s carving, which include the faces of three of our honorable Confederate generals, …

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Confederate flag in Rockbridge County

20x30 Battle Flag

Raymond Agnor’s gigantic 20-by-30-foot Confederate Battle Flag flies proudly from its 80-foot pole on Billboard Hill, just north of Lexington. It is one of three huge flags placed on private property in the Lexington area by the Virginia Flaggers, a pro-Confederacy group. Raymond, fed up with the antics of the anti-Southren, anti-confederacy liberal democrats and …

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New NC law protects Confederate memorials and other monuments

Gov Pat McCrory

Gov. Pat McCrory signed a controversial historical monuments bill that had passed the House earlier in the week. The bill sets the authority for removing monuments deemed to commemorate “an event, person or military service that is part of North Carolina’s history.” It will take an act of the General Assembly to remove such a …

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Anthony Hervey, Black Confederate, Killed in Car Wreck

Anthony Hervey wreck

Mississippi Highway Patrol spokesman Johnny Poulos said the accident took place on Highway 6 near the Pontotoc County line around 11:20 a.m. the vehicle left the roadway and when Hervey overcorrected the vehicle flipped. The woman who was with Hervey, Arlene Barnum, said they were being chased by another vehicle, and when Hervey sped up …

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5 arrests at KKK, New Black Panthers rallies at S.C. Capitol

Ripping stolen flag

More than 2,000 people gathered at the South Carolina Statehouse on Saturday, including members of both the New Black Panthers and the KKK. As is usual, the violence and criminal activity came from one side. The group “Black Educators for Justice” which is just a front for the New Black Panthers, run by James Evans …

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NC House Approves Bill to Prohibit Removal of Confederate or Historic Monuments

The NC House Homeland Security Committee approved a bill to ban state agencies and local governments from taking down any object of remembrance on public property that commemorates an event, a person, or military service that is part of North Carolina’s history. Rep. Michael Speciale said “This bill has nothing to do with what’s happened …

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Protesters greet Obama with Battle flags

Oklahoma Demonstration

Confederate battle flags waved as President Barack Obama arrived in Oklahoma City on Wednesday. Andrew Duncomb, known as the “black rebel,” organized the flag demonstration. Previously he had organized another rally on Saturday at the Oklahoma State Capitol in protest against the lowering of the flag in South Carolina. You can visit Andrew at his …

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Lawsuit Filed against Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley

Melvin Hastings

Cullman, Alabama attorney Melvin Hasting filed a lawsuit in Montgomery County Circuit Court against Gov. Robert Bentley over the removal of the Confederate flag from capitol grounds last month. Hasting said “This was a knee-jerk reaction by the governor, and I don’t think he or the Alabama Historical Commission has the authority to remove the …

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Stone Mountain Confederate Flag To Remain

Stone Mountain

The Confederate Battle Flag will continue to fly at Stone Mountain Park. The flags were donated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1964 and are considered a memorial, protected under Georgia law, and as such it will keep flying at memorial plaza because state law prevents its removal. Another win for Southern peoples!

SD police chief will keep Confederate flag on department’s uniform


Potter County city of Gettysburg South Dakota will not be removing the Confederate Flag from patches of the police department. A statement on the Gettysburg Facebook page made it absolutely clear: “Due to the turmoil of the Confederate Flag, the City of Gettysburg would like to address the City Officer’s Police patch. Gettysburg was founded …

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