Ole Miss student harassed for state flag

Dylan Wood, an Ole Miss student, was simply enjoying the game when a security officer approached him and said he had to confiscate his mini version of the Mississippi flag because it was larger than what the stadium allows.

Wood agreed to leave the game and exited the stadium without any issues. Once outside, a security guard told him he would have to agree to not bring the state flag to another Ole Miss game or he would run the risk of being arrested. When Wood asked if he would really be arrested for carrying the state flag, the officer spun him around and restrained him on the spot, taking him to the local jail.


Sons of Confederate Veterans Statement


Once more the forces of evil..”the lovers of all things immoral and hateful” are viciously attacking Southron history because of perceived racism. As usual, they don’t have a clue, and in their rush to support hateful minority groups such as LaRaza, Mecha, and the Black Lives Splatter thugs, they get it wrong, again.

The following statement is from the Sons of Confederate Veterans:

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is appalled, but not surprised, by the removal of the song “Dixie” from the repertoire of the Ole Miss band. Just one more attempt — this time by athletic director Ross Bjork — to purge that university of its hallowed history.

There is nothing wrong with the song “Dixie”. The tune was created by a black fiddle player; the words written by an Ohio show producer in 1859. It was THE most popular song in the United States in 1860. And by 1865 it was noted as the favorite song of President Abraham Lincoln.

As a peppy dance song, Dixie indeed became a rousing inspirational martial song and the defacto anthem of the South. But there is nothing wrong with the song as it has become a song that has boosted the morale of high school and college football teams, and others, across the country. There is nothing racial about it; it’s just a great song.

Unfortunately though, it has become a target of the PC crowd and a faction of the populace that is disgustingly trying to erase history. That action is condemned in the strongest possible words.


Rock Stone Mountain Protesters arrested

At least 9 Black Lives Splatter protesters were arrested after becoming violent and attacking riot police, pepper spraying officers, over turning tables, throwing trash, and generally acting like the pitiful animals they are.

Park officials have closed roads leading to and from the Yellow Daisy Lot near the park police station with the intention of keeping the Rock Stone Mountain Rally safe from the violent anti-white protesters.

Hopefully every white participant is ready and able to defend themselves against these violent left wing lunatic protesters. We all know what animals they are, they continue to show it daily. This is just another example.

The violence ALWAYS comes from the left.

Here is a News2 video


Steve Earle Writes Anti-Confederate Song

asshole earle the liberal douchebag
Steve (the douchebag) Earle can burn in hell…he is a pimple on the ass of society, just like the worthless SPLC he is collaborating with. Just another POS jumping on the PC bandwagon.


Happy Easter

Happy Easter


Alabama considers banning the removal of Confederate flags and to prevent the alteration of historical building names

Alabama lawmakers are moving in the opposite direction of most state and local governments with a bill that will protect historical landmarks.

A public hearing will be held today, 02/09/2019, on the Alabama Heritage Protection Act which would ban the removal of historic monuments, markers, or school names from any public property unless a waiver is obtained from the Legislative Council, a committee of lawmakers.


Greenville City Council has voted to remove the Mississippi state flag from all city properties and buildings

Mississippi Flag

Council members voted 4-2 Tuesday in favor of removing the flag because of it’s racist connotations, due to the inclusion of the battle flag in the upper left quadrant.

Under Mississippi law, flying the state flag is not a requirement.

This issue was brought to the council, by “Reverend” Roosevelt Johnson, who said it wasn’t about infringing on anyone’s beliefs….righttttt. Suuuure….. You wouldn’t happen to be associated with Black Lives Matter, would you, Rev?


Battle is looming for the Sons of the Confederate Veterans

stone mountain

The Sons of Confederate Veterans sent out an action alert to members Tuesday night regarding Georgia House Bill 760, which would require the Georgia state agency that oversees Stone Mountain to maintain an appropriate, inclusive and historically accurate memorial to the Civil War.

Unfortunately, it also appears to remove any restrictions on government agencies from making changes to memorials so long as they are historically accurate and appropriate. This paves the way to strip the Confederates from the memorial, and put up Union soldiers, or Negro regiments, thus fundamentally changing Stone Mountain.

One more step in removing Southern history, and Southern pride.


Old Dixie Highway renamed President Barack Obama Highway

A crowd cheered as a crew removed the Old Dixie Highway street sign in Riviera Beach and raised the new one bearing the president’s name: President Barack Obama Highway.

“We are stepping up to a new day, a new era, and replacing Old Dixie with Barack Obama, who represents change,” said Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters.

Apparently Dixie no longer represents the infiltrated, overrun, and diverse South.


New Orleans to hide its Confederate past


New Orleans city council voted 6-1 to allow the city to remove four confederate monuments along it’s streets, including a towering statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee that has stood in the center of a traffic circle for over 130 years.

City Council President Jason Williams, who claims to be African-American, even though he has never been to Africa, nor have his parents, and probably not even his grandparents, called the vote a severing of the umbilical cord tying the city to the offensive legacy of the Confederacy and the era of Jim Crow laws.

Let’s set the record straight right now. Negroes hate White people, White culture, and White heritage, and will do anything they can to wipe history clean of them. It starts in the White House, and just like crap, it runs downhill all the way to the ghetto thugs, who it appears, are one step above Black politicians, at least in this case.

League of the South had this to say:

But two can play this game. The League calls upon all white Southerners who care about their civilization to contact their municipal and county officials with demands (polite but firm) to remove all things named for or celebrating “civil rights” figures such as Martin Luther (aka Michael) King, Jr. You, Mr. and Mrs. white Southerner, can be offended, too! You can make demands of your politicians! You can raise a fuss and holler and threaten to take to the streets or conduct a local boycott! Use your imagination. Get creative. Do something! Don’t sit idly by and let this happen in your town or city. Take the offensive! You have power, if you will use it.

And a final piece of advice: don’t worry if the opposition calls you “racist.” It’s just a word that the left uses to paralyze you in fear and keep you from acting against them. Just smile and ignore it. This is their greatest fear: that you will have no fear of them and will rise in great numbers to oppose their wicked agenda. Let’s put the fear of God into them!

Michael Hill