Hull of Confederate sub, the H. L. Hunley, finally revealed

H.L. Hunley

H.L. Hunley

The first submarine in history to sink an enemy warship, the H.L. Hunley, an amazing confederate feat, has been cleaned and revealed for the first time in over 150 years.

In 1864 the Hunley rammed a spar charge into the Union blockade ship the USS Housatonic and sunk her. The Hunley never made it back to shore and much speculation was done as to what happened to it.

Scientists had hoped that by cleaning the hull they would find evidence of what may have happened, but other than a couple dents on the hull, there appeared to be no damage. It remains a mystery.

The conservation team has removed about 1,200 pounds of sediment and debris from the outside hull of the Hunley, and will shortly begin a year long process of cleaning the inside. They are hopeful they will uncover additional clues as to what happened after sinking the USS Housatonic.


Virginia high school suspends 20 students over Confederate Battle Flag

Christianburg high school

Christianburg high school

Approximately 20 students who showed up at Christianburg high school wearing and carrying Confederate flags on Thursday were suspended by the Montgomery County Public School system.

Spokeswoman Brenda Drake says 23 students at Christianburg High School were given the option to change out of their shirts and comply with the dress code but when the majority refused they were suspended for one day for being disruptive.

Drake said that the school added their parking lot rules this year to be uniform with its dress code and lockers policy.

Students cannot wear articles that reflect adversely on people due to race, gender, or other factors. Signs, decals or stickers with offensive symbols cannot be placed on lockers.

While they not allowed to ban a specific symbol, schools can ban what they deem to be offensive. The school said that they had an incident involving the Confederate flag in the past but they refused to discuss that incident.

2 other students had been previously told to remove the flags from their vehicles or have their parking privileges revoked.

Morgan Willis

Morgan Willis


Controversy at Sonora High School

Gavin Watkins, a 16yr old Sonora High School Junior, was asked by Principal Ben Howell to remove a Confederate Battle flag from a pole in the back of the truck which he parks on North Washington Street in Sonora.

Gavin said Howell asked him on Tuesday to remove the flag to protect the truck “because other students may tear it out”. To prevent vandalism by other students, he returned to school Wednesday morning with a flag bolted to the truck’s hitch. Security on campus again asked that it be removed, and both times Watkins refused.

Both of Gavins parents support him 100%. Hats off to them!

You can contact the school using the following publicly available information:

By email: Ben Howell

Address: 430 North Washington Street, Sonora, CA 95370
Phone: 209.532.5511
Fax: 209.532.4513

Please be respectful in your communications, after all, we’re not the haters!


Attention seeking “woman” takes it off in protest

After hearing about a Confederate flag heritage ride in Lafayette Indiana, a local woman, and we use that term loosely, stood at the intersection of South Street and Sagamore Parkway Sunday, wearing only a bra and panties.

Real classy, another winner from the hater crowd. Holding a sign that read “4000 Dead”, she said waving the Confederate flag was “an act of domestic terrorism,” which is aimed at minorities.

We believe that her standing there in bra and panties was much more detrimental to the well being of children and common sensibilities than any flag waving. Oh yeah…she was sporting the name of Trayvon Martin, a thug who was mercifully put down while attacking another. Yep, she’s a keeper.

Using only the name “Maddie” (maybe because she didn’t want to embarrass her girlfriend?) she continued her hateful protest for only a short time before leaving.


Argument over Confederate flag leads to Rock Hill assault

Makayla Haney
A woman has been charged with assaulting two men during an argument over one of them wanting to fly a Confederate flag in his back yard

An apparently drunken Makayla Haney, 25, was holding her 2-year-old while telling stories to police about being attacked…however, she changed her story and admitted to assaulting the men.

It appears Haney scratched the childs father and threw a can of corn at him, as well as hitting his father in the head with a kitchen pot.

Some people just hate that beautiful flag, don’t they?

Haney was charged with third-degree assault and battery and third-degree domestic violence. She was released from the Rock Hill city jail on Sunday with a $3,000 bond.


Alexandria City Council votes to ban flying of Confederate flag

The city of Alexandria has put up Confederate flags twice a year on city property to mark Robert E. Lee’s birthday and Confederate Memorial Day in the past. No more will they fly. On Tuesday night, the City Council voted to ban the flying of Confederate flags on city property specifically on those two days.

They also voted to appoint a citizens group to review the city’s flag policies and decide what changes should be made to its Confederate memorials and street names. Seriously? This has gone too far.


Anarchists assaulted Air Force pilot after spotting Confederate flags

Police are looking for a group of protesters, who were wearing black with bandana covered faces, and that surrounded a U.S. Air Force pilot Saturday night in Olympia, Washington, beating him with a bat as well as spraying him with mace after seeing Confederate battle flags attached to his motorcycle.

Police identified the protest group as “anarchists,” which they called a “local hate group.” Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to call the Olympia Police Department at 360-753-8300.


Arkansas School bans flags on vehicles

flags2 While citing safety concerns, Quitman High School has banned the display of flags on vehicles.

The student handbook policy states that “No flags should be attached to a vehicle that will be distracting or have the potential to cause harm to people or cars driving past the vehicle.” This policy will continue to be enforced for student drivers.

M. Stacks

M. Stacks

That is the real reason for the ban it appears, not the safety issue as they claim. With the recent controversy surrounding patriotic and historical displays, this is a way to limit student exposure to things deemed harmful to a students mind by liberal teachers and activists. As Principal Michael Stacks says “If we deem…” Who is we, and why is it arbitrary?

If you have any questions about this policy or others please contact the high school office @ 501-589-2554

or use the following publicly available information:


Dennis Truxler, Superintendent
6275 Heber Springs Road West, Quitman, AR 72131
(501) 589-3156

Michael Stacks, Principal ext 222
6275 Heber Springs Road West, Quitman, AR 72131
(501) 589-2554


Home Invasion Over Confederate Flag Racine, WI

Tajaun D. Boatner

Tajaun D. Boatner

RACINE — A Confederate flag hanging in a Racine resident’s house reportedly led to a fight that ended with a man forcing his way into the home to tear it down.

The Racine Police Department responded to the 1300 block of Center Street on Friday afternoon. The caller said Tajaun Boatner, 37, of Racine, had confronted her at her house about a Confederate flag hanging in her window and eventually pushed her down, the complaint said.

In a later interview with the police, the resident said Boatner had politely asked her to take the flag out of her kitchen window, and she moved it to her bathroom window, the complaint said.

They both began yelling and the resident had called Boatner a racial slur, the complaint said. The argument ended after Boatner reportedly walked up her front porch, pushed her down, and walked into the house to remove the Confederate flag, according to the complaint.

He has been arrested, and faces a litany of charges, but apparently no hate crime as of yet.

Charges: Operating after revocation/suspension of registration, suspended driver’s license, contempt of court – child support commitment and other sanctions imposed by the court, battery, resisting/obstructing an officer, disorderly conduct, retail theft


KKK Director Makes Offer – Move Forrest Monument to Christian Revival Center

Nathan Bedford Forrest

Nathan Bedford Forrest

National Director of The Knights Party, Pastor Thomas Robb announced Wednesday that he would be requesting the transfer of the Nathan Bedford Forrest Monument at Health Sciences Park to his care to be placed at the Christian Revival Center at Harrison, Arkansas. Pastor Robb, also noted that while the remains of Forrest and his wife will be moved to their original burial ground, there is fear that the grave will remain unsecure and under constant threat of desecration. Therefore, Pastor Robb is requesting that the remains be placed at the Christian Revival Center church where they will be undisturbed. Request will be made to Forrest Family spokesperson Lee Miller via the Robb Law Firm of Harrison, Arkansas.

Nathan Bedford Forrest, while condemned by many for his involvement with the Ku Klux Klan, was a noble Christian man who sought healing for the Southern states. He was involved with the Klan not because it was a violent organization, but rather it brought security and order during a chaotic time, for both black and white. He was loved by all.

Forrest disbanded the original Klan when unscrupulous men, not associated, but under the guise of the Klan name, committed violent acts. Likewise, The Knights Party, continues the spirit of the original Klan to uphold the moral and civic ideals of those early Klansmen.