Sons of Confederate Veterans Statement


Once more the forces of evil..”the lovers of all things immoral and hateful” are viciously attacking Southron history because of perceived racism. As usual, they don’t have a clue, and in their rush to support hateful minority groups such as LaRaza, Mecha, and the Black Lives Splatter thugs, they get it wrong, again.

The following statement is from the Sons of Confederate Veterans:

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is appalled, but not surprised, by the removal of the song “Dixie” from the repertoire of the Ole Miss band. Just one more attempt — this time by athletic director Ross Bjork — to purge that university of its hallowed history.

There is nothing wrong with the song “Dixie”. The tune was created by a black fiddle player; the words written by an Ohio show producer in 1859. It was THE most popular song in the United States in 1860. And by 1865 it was noted as the favorite song of President Abraham Lincoln.

As a peppy dance song, Dixie indeed became a rousing inspirational martial song and the defacto anthem of the South. But there is nothing wrong with the song as it has become a song that has boosted the morale of high school and college football teams, and others, across the country. There is nothing racial about it; it’s just a great song.

Unfortunately though, it has become a target of the PC crowd and a faction of the populace that is disgustingly trying to erase history. That action is condemned in the strongest possible words.